Amazfit T-Rex Pro Features and Specs

Do you want a compelling smartwatch for a heavy outdoor activity? Almost all the well-known designs have limitations on such activities.

Sweating, humidity, swimming has always been a great challenge for adventurers/fitness enthusiasts. Don’t let the simplistic design from taking the steps anymore.

Time to break all the shackles with the mighty Amazfit T-Rex Pro. Its rugged construction looks almost unmatched in the entire industry.

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Amazfit T-Rex Pro Review

After the initial discussion, now, it is time for exploring this excellent wearable device with detailed features and specifications. It will surely amaze you with its unique feature.


  • Brand: Amazfit
  • Color: Meteorite Black
  • Screen Size: 1.3 Inches
  • Supported Application: Fitness Tracker, Alarm, Calendar, Pedometer, Heart Rate Monitor
  • Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth
  • Band Color: Black
  • Operating System: Amazfit OS
  • Special Feature: Wireless, Heavy Duty Protection
  • Human Interface Input: Touchscreen

Top Pick

Amazfit T-Rex Pro

Product Description

The global brand incorporates military-grade toughness for its watches. You’re ready to explore your instinct with T-Rex Pro on your side.

It features a titanic combination of strength, practicality, comfort. The hybrid functionality covers your overall needs with satisfaction. Also, the highly textured exterior bezel looks manly on your wrists.

Keep tracking your every workout without any potential setback. Too many sports modes are ready to guide the training session. Check your measurements through the motivational screen with clarity.

Meantime, its powerful battery lasting seems like no other. Continue your journey in nature without worrying about the battery percentage.

Amazfit T-Rex Pro Video Review

Features and Benefits

The toughness from the Inside

Its structural toughness remains intact from different angles. Amazfit T-Rex Pro passed 15 miliary tests to arrive at the market. Again, the high-quality silicone strap always keeps your wrist skin comfortable.

You can’t raise questions on its 1.3” HD AMOLED always-on display. Simple yet instant touch input will reveal the info. Meteorite black design is sure to leave an everlasting impression on your journeys.

Precise Physical Evaluation

Heart health is always a top priority, regardless of the activity type. And the watch lets you know the HR and HRV 24/7. You’ll receive immediate notifications from the wearable at every crucial moment.

Blood-oxygen readings through SpO2 relieve you on high-altitude actions. Also, there are built-in stages to monitor your sleep quality. No matter what, you’ll get a precise measurement from the smartwatch.

Ultimate Personal Assistance

Wireless 802.11a Bluetooth communication lets you cover the phone’s functions. Read the messages, take incoming calls, & set alarms. You can even set important reminders through the on-wrist display.

Keep yourself going with the favorite music on gym/backyard workouts. Playback control lets you turn on any music from the phone. However, its internal 4GB internal storage can’t store music downloads.

Fully Training Sports Mode

Start working your body to the maximum extent with its sports mode. Track your overall performance to push the limits of training right away. In fact, there are more than a hundred built-in modes to apply.

Smart recognition is ready to ease your finding of the right mode. Elliptical, swimming, walking, cycling, rowing – the watch covers anything. And it processes the input data for further enhancement analysis.

Powerful Battery Support

Irreplaceable lithium battery features a mind-numbing 1000 charge cycles. And a full recharge doesn’t take long to keep you waiting. Even the most intense use should save the battery life more than a year.

The battery charging setup is also simple with Amazfit T-Rex Pro. And the normal working mode should hold the charge for 18 to 20 days. Even the heaviest mode can support the percentages for at least 9 days.


  • Built-in health assessment.
  • Precise weather tracking.
  • HR, HRV, sleep monitoring.
  • Smooth touch operability.
  • Water resistance to 100m.
  • Impressive exterior design.
  • Instant firmware updates.


  • No Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • Low downloadable apps.
  • No voice assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: How long is the battery support on GPS?
Answer: Continuous GPS mode should last 40 hours.
Question: Can I measure the distance in miles?
Answer: Yes, change from Zepp > Profile > Settings > Units > Change to Imperial.
Question: Is it possible to shut down Bluetooth?
Answer: There’s no option to turn the Bluetooth off.
Question: Does it connect to an external fitness app?
Answer: Almost no external fitness app connects to it.
Question: Can I use any built-in mic or speaker?
Answer: Unfortunately, there’s no mic/speaker integration.

Wrapping Up

The enduring wearable lacks many standard features like Wi-Fi, voice, music. But its sports modes, trackers, construction remains second to none.

That’s why you should invest in Amazfit T-Rex Pro to handle outdoor activities. Practical usability should brave all the elements to help you keep going.

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