Apple Watch Not Ringing: Troubleshooting Step by Step Guide

Apple watches have made life easier with their connectivity features that help you send texts, make or receive phone calls and listen to music with just a tap when your phone isn’t in your hand. On your new apple watch, you can get displayed the notifications you have selected or get incoming call alerts.

But if your apple watch not ringing to get you notified about the incoming calls you might fix this problem by just following some simple steps.

The reason behind your apple watch isn’t ringing, might be one of the lists of problems stated below.

Apple watch not ringing: The reasons behind

There may some reasons behind not ringing your apple watch. If you know about these issues and fix them accordingly, hopefully, you will be able to solve the problem.
Let’s explore the issues.

1. Do Not Disturb or Airplane Mode is turned on
If ‘Do Not Disturb or Airplane Mode’ is enabled on your phone or watch, then all notifications, alerts, and calls will be stopped and your watch won’t ring on receiving a call. Turn off ‘Do Not Disturb or Airplane Mode’ by going to the settings option on your iPhone.

Make sure Do Not Disturb, Silent, and Theater Modes in the Control Center of your Apple Watch are turned off.

2. Call notifications are disabled
You may not get alerts because the call notifications on your Apple Watch are turned off. Enable the call notifications.

3. Notification privacy is turned on
‘Notification Privacy’ setting on Apple Watch might limit you from getting call alerts. Turn off notification privacy settings by going to the Apple Watch app on your iPhone and in the ‘My Watch’ tab sections, tap on Notifications and turn off the notification privacy settings.

4. Connection issues between your apple watch and iphone
Make sure your watch is connected to your iPhone. If your Apple Watch’s connection is failed, try restoring or resyncing it.

5. Wake Screen feature is disabled
If you don’t have the Wake Screen function enabled on your Apple Watch, the notifications might get through but you won’t be able to view it.

You can enable or disable the feature by opening the Apple Watch app on a connected iPhone, choosing “General,” and then “Wake Screen.”

If going through all the settings options haven’t brought any success yet, you might try doing the following ones.

Restart Your Apple Watch and iPhone

Try rebooting your Apple Watch and iPhone even if everything appears to be in working order. Many small difficulties can be resolved with a restart.

Temporarily Disable the Passcode on Apple Watch

If your Apple Watch has a passcode, try disabling the password lock on your Apple Watch for a while as this might fix the issue with Apple Watch not ringing on incoming calls. To find the passcode option, Go to Settings and then toggle Off the Passcode options to disable it.

Keep your devices updated

Make sure that your Apple Watch and iPhone are updated and they are running on the latest software. Older OS on any of the devices might create poor device connectivity. Go to Settings → General → Software Update and see if any updates are available.

Make a call using your Apple Watch

You might try placing a call using your Apple Watch.

Try disconnecting and reconnecting Apple Watch

If the problem still persists, try to disconnect and reconnect your Apple Watch with the iPhone.

How to Fix Apple Watch Not Ringing Video Guide


We are about to end our journey! Hopefully, you have found a proper solution that why your Apple watch not ringing. In fact, by simply changing some setting options, you can fix the problem.

For your convenience, we’ve described all the processes here.

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