How to get Snapchat notifications on Apple Watch: Tips

How to get Snapchat notifications on Apple Watch

Once, watches were used just for timekeeping functions. But at present time, modern watches such as Apple Watches have been used for multi-purpose reasons such as to get health, fitness, workout & social media notifications along with time, date, month & year updates. As many people are connected to their preferred social media, they would … [ Read more… ]

How To Delete A Workout On Apple Watch: An Ultimate Guide

how to delete a workout on Apple Watch

Nowadays smartwatch has become more than just a watch. It doesn’t just tell you the time. It helps you complete your busy schedule with consistency. Your work, calendar, reminder, alarm, and workout are all listed on your smartwatch. But it is necessary to manage them properly. As a touch screen device, it is possible that … [ Read more… ]

How To Change Wallpaper On Apple Watch

How To Change Wallpaper On Apple Watch

Apple Watch is one of the most famous smartwatches ever produced. The reason behind this is the apple ecosystem and great reliability. There are many advantages of using a smartwatch. But one fun fact is you can set any wallpaper you want on your apple watch. So, how can you change the wallpaper on Apple … [ Read more… ]

Why are Apple Watches so Expensive? Here is Why!

why are Apple watches so expensive

A new year with new hope has begun & you need to be in time to reach your goal. A good smartwatch can help you with that. And if you are considering an Apple watch, then we bet, you have a good choice. But you might be wondering why are Apple watches so expensive! Well, … [ Read more… ]

New Apple Watch Series 7 Review Specs Features and Price

New Apple Watch

Can you actually outrun a wearable that is already a great smartwatch? Enter the 2021’s much-anticipated Series 7 from Apple. Apple has been introducing the gold standard of modern smartwatches. Series 6 had already set itself in the market with absolute satisfaction. And the new Apple Watch is primarily a slight upgrade of its predecessor. … [ Read more… ]

How to Choose a Smartwatch?

Choose a Smartwatch

Are you confused over the versatility of the current choose a Smartwatch? Well, the market is overwhelmed with types & models based on your budget. Choosing your smartwatch is just as important as your smartphone. Only the right purchase provides sheer convenience sitting on your wrist. And our following rundown can surely help you in … [ Read more… ]