What is Fitbit Premium And Is It Worth It? We Explain It All

Fitbit premium

Do you want to get accurate data about your heartbeat rate, weight, or nutrition? Or, are you interested in getting mindfulness activities and proper health guidelines? Then Fitbit premium will be your first choice. Fitbit premium came to market in 2019 with many outstanding features. Since then, the Fitbit premium is still worth it. However, … [ Read more… ]

How to fix Fitbit Screen Goes Off Too Quickly

How to fix Fitbit Screen Goes Off Too Quickly

Why the Fit Fitbit screen goes off too quickly is becoming the most-talked question day by day. Many peoples are using the Fitbit smartwatch now. And the main issue firstly comes to face is how to fix Fitbit screen goes off too quickly. Don’t worry, it has a great solution here. How to fix the … [ Read more… ]

Does Fitbit Work On Treadmill? Pro Guide

does Fitbit work on treadmill

Wearable devices have a great appeal now. And probably, you also love to go with the trend and that’s why you have chosen Fitbit as your wearable partner. Now a question can peep into your mind, does Fitbit work on treadmill? You need to have this answer, right? Then you are at the right place! … [ Read more… ]

How To Use WhatsApp On Fitbit Versa 2: Ultimate Guide

how to use Whatsapp on Fitbit versa 2

Are you a fitness enthusiast and also a fashion concern? If the answer is yes, then is there any better smartwatch that fulfills your needs, other than the Fitbit Verse 2? I think the answer is No! But many people think fitness tracking is the only use of the Fitbit Verse 2 and you can’t … [ Read more… ]

Fitbit Charge 5 Review Features, Specs, and Price

Fitbit Charge 5

Are you looking for the right fitness tracking wearable? Of course, not every smartwatch features excellence in wellness assessment. However, Fitbit managed to establish a respectable position in this field. It offers a full product lineup of fitness tracking smartwatches. And you better start looking with the latest Fitbit Charge 5 from 2022. The neatly … [ Read more… ]