What is Fitbit Premium And Is It Worth It? We Explain It All

Do you want to get accurate data about your heartbeat rate, weight, or nutrition? Or, are you interested in getting mindfulness activities and proper health guidelines? Then Fitbit premium will be your first choice.

Fitbit premium came to market in 2019 with many outstanding features. Since then, the Fitbit premium is still worth it. However, it is a paid-for service system that will allow you to get various data about your health condition.

Anyway, this article will explain each necessary information about Fitbit premium.

So, let’s start our journey.

Fitbit premium

Fitbit premium is a service that will give you personalized data about your health. Interestingly, it will provide you with access to meditation, sleep tracking, and other valuable health data. You just need to subscribe to the Fitbit premium in your android or IOS Fitbit app to get all of these services.

Now, let’s explore more.

Fitbit premium program and its services

Fitbit premium has a lot of stunning features and services. You will get a complete health guideline from this fantastic app. Now, let’s explore its prodigious features and services.

Proper guideline

You will get a lot of guidelines from the Fitbit premium program. For example, you need to get guidelines on sleep improvement. For this purpose, you can find guided sleep improvement programs that will help you significantly.

Moreover, the guided programs contain many more topics. So, you will get your desired one undoubtedly.

Keep yourself mindful

There is a library of a lot of audio and sounds. You can hear these sounds to keep your mind calm and fresh. Significantly, they will help you to reduce your stresses and mental complications.

Moreover, you can get sound sleep by hearing these guided audios.

Helpful workouts

The Fitbit app contains a lot of workout videos. By watching these videos, you will be motivated to do workouts. Interestingly, the videos range in shorts. So, you will be able to watch them quickly and exercise comfortably along with them.

And the average range of workouts is about 15 to 30 minutes. Most importantly, you can complete workout sessions based on your goals and planning.

Data about health

You can get up-to-date data about your health and fitness from the Fitbit premium program. You can see information about your weight, nutrition, as well as heartbeat, etc.

Moreover, you will be able to track your activities and see your improvements in the app. Interestingly, you will get 30 days overview of your health statistics with a graph that will enormously help you.

Is Fitbit worth It

Since the development of Fitbit, it has become prevalent among many users worldwide. At the same time, its invented gadgets such as Fitbit Charge 3,
Fitbit Flex 2, Fitbit Versa 2, etc. are also popular.

Because of the intelligent working system, affordable price, and help of smart gadgets, Fitbit is still worth it.

How much should I pay for the Fitbit premium program?

The cost of the Fitbit premium program is not very high. You just need to pay 9.99$ for a month of subscription. And for an annual plan, you have to pay 80$.

Most importantly, you will be able to use all the premium features for 90 days without any charges as a free trial. And after a free trial, if you think it is not for you, you can easily cancel it.

Fitbit Premium ( Is it Worth it? ) | App Review


Because of many stunning features and good quality services, the reputation of Fitbit premium is increasing day by day. And as a health-conscious person, you can get all of the mentioned premium services at an affordable cost.

So without wasting any time, take the Fitbit premium program. And consequently, get good sleep, reduce stress, get advanced health insights, stay active, increase body positivity and be a healthy person.

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