Fossil Gen 6 Watch Review: The Stylish Wear OS Watch with SpO2

Do you want something other than fitness-focused wearables? Chances are low to spend your money on a decent design in the category.

However, don’t forget to check the latest smartwatch on the Fossil lineup. In fact, Fossil Gen 6 Watch offers you a satisfactory entry-level experience.

Again, it particularly suits people with less-athletics concerns. The well-designed generalist watch holds a balance between simple features.

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Fossil Gen 6 Watch: Features And Specs

It will surely be very convenient for you if you can discover a product with its features and pros-cons. Here is the detail about the Fossil Gen 6.


  • Brand: Fossil
  • Color: Smoke
  • Supported Application: Sleep Monitor, Calendar, GPS, Phone, Heart Rate Monitor
  • Wireless Communication Standard: Bluetooth
  • Connectivity Technology: USB, Gps
  • Compatible devises: Smartphone
  • Operating System: Wear
  • Special Feature: Sleep Monitor, Email, Text Messaging, Distance Tracker, Activity Tracker, GPS, Phone Call, Pedometer, Notifications, Music PlayerSleep Monitor, Heart Rate Monitor
  • Human Interface Input: Touchscreen

Top Pick

Fossil Gen 6 Watch

Product Description

Fossil’s next-gen wearable incorporates a manly exterior like no other. Also, you can pick the preferred choice from different band designs.

It’s a smartwatch to support compatible iOS as well as Android. Upgraded connectivity maintains superb usability through your smartphone. Likewise, the watch gets you every important notification at once.

There are several additional features available with the watch. Common health measurements are also present for routine checks. It even covers your nighttime sleep, daily activities & running distances.

However, some standard features are missing in its newer design. No OS 3 software makes it backdated from other competing models.

Video Guide: Fossil Gen 6 Watch

Features and Benefits

Enduring, Stylish, Practical Design

A sufficiently large touch screen lets you catch everything clearly. The combination of bright colors makes it one delightful on-wrist device. And 30m water resistance rating enables shallow-water swimming.

You can use either USB or GPS through Bluetooth for connectivity. The GPS stands enough to take your calls or texts from phones. A distinctive yet matching exterior should suit your everyday outfit perfectly.

Superfast Processor Performance

The latest Qualcomm 4100+ chipset keeps pushing the performance. It specifically works with the built-in Snapdragon Wear platform. Together, the watch provides nearly 30% increased performance speed.

It even enables high-speed app loads without crashing. In fact, you’ll encounter no lag/delay from the screen anytime. The speedy response accomplishes all the tasks without heavy battery consumption.

Notably Powerful Battery Support

Speaking of the battery, all you need is properly maintained use. Fossil integrates a new technology to introduce 2X faster charging. Likewise, a standard lithium battery comes included with the smartwatch.

The Li-ion battery takes a mere 30 minutes to complete 80% charging. It’s considerably faster than other competing wearables. And you’re sure to require no power plugin within 24 hours for typical uses.

Standard Wellness Measurement

Of course, you can measure your ongoing heart rate with the device. The feature functions explicitly at night during your sleep. Meantime, built-in SpO2 also measures your oxygen level in the bloodstream.

You’re to use the activity tracker for daily workout recording. Included pedometer with distance tracker should cover your workouts. Though it isn’t much for fitness, you can still enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

Integration of Additional Features

Extra facilities should take your smartwatch experience to a newer level. There are many personalizing features for customization. You can easily set the dialing interface, feature colors & even screen faces.

Automated time zone with calendar syncing saves our hassle on tours. Command your tasks through its integrated Google voice support. And there comes a standard music control with contactless payment.


  • Instantly responsive display.
  • Extended apps downloading.
  • Durable quality from inside.
  • Medium-level health tracking.
  • Two different-sized screens.
  • Smart home device controls.
  • Interchangeable band types.


  • Band changing needs a tool.
  • Slight difficulty in recharge.
  • The interface seems simple.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Is the overall performance always consistent?
Answer: Well, the performance may distort occasionally.
Question: Does the watch feature any offline map?
Answer: Not at all; you’ll have to use the online map.
Question: What are the built-in health sensors?
Answer: Compass, gyroscope, PPG, Off-body IR.
Question: Does Gen 6 have an altimeter with fall detection?
Answer: There’s an altimeter but no fall detecting sensor.
Question: Can you respond/answer to text messages?
Answer: Only Android phones allow response to texts.

Wrapping Up

Fossil obviously outmatched its previous designs with Gen 6. However, its certain drawbacks raised questions among potential buyers.

Still, you can place your bet on Fossil Gen 6 Watch for many good reasons.

Simple yet fashionable service makes it an excellent wearing-focused watch. And the upgraded action is sure to leave you satisfied from the start.

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