How To Delete A Workout On Apple Watch: An Ultimate Guide

Nowadays smartwatch has become more than just a watch. It doesn’t just tell you the time. It helps you complete your busy schedule with consistency. Your work, calendar, reminder, alarm, and workout are all listed on your smartwatch. But it is necessary to manage them properly.

As a touch screen device, it is possible that you might have also created a workout that was not intentional. Or you have intentionally added a workout that now you want to delete.

To track your daily work, multiple apps are used for individual purposes. Among them, the default app and other workout-related apps are used. Hence, you may need to delete the workout on your apple watch for several reasons.

So, how to delete a workout on Apple Watch? Well, you might try to delete your workout from your watch. But you need to delete workouts from your iPhone.

Although deleting a workout is pretty the same on all the apps, here it is shown for the 3 most used apps in this regard.

How Can You Delete A Workout From The Fitness App?

If you have an iPhone and an Apple smartwatch, you might as well have the Fitness app. To delete a workout from your phone, you need to follow the following steps:
1. Launch the Fitness app from your app gallery.
2. Tap on workout to see all the listed workouts.
3. Swipe the workout you want to delete to the right until you feel a vibration and lift up your finger.
4. Now, you will see the delete button
5. Click on the delete button.
6. Or you can just slide the tile to the left and a delete button will pop up.

Two options will come up if you touch the delete button:

  • Delete workout data,
  • Delete workout only and cancel

Select any of them depending on your motive.

But the point is If you wish to delete only the workout but not the related data, you should select the second option that says “delete workout only”.

And if you wish to delete data related to the workout, you should select the first option that says “delete workout data”.

And after that, the workout will be deleted from the Fitness app.

How Can You Delete A Workout From The Activities App?

Another app that keeps track of your activities is the activities app. You can also delete workout from this app. To delete a workout, you need to follow these steps:
1. Open your “Activities app”.
2. Go to the workouts section
3. Now you need to find which workout you wish to delete.
4. Swipe left the selected workout you wish to delete.
5. A delete button will appear. Click the delete button.
6. Another option might come up “Delete Workout And Data” if you wish to remove it from the Health app too.
7. Or you can select “Delete Workout Only” if you wish to delete it only from the activities app.

And after that, the workout will be deleted from the Activities app.

How Can You Delete a Workout from the Health App?

Another app that can also monitor or store your workout is the Health app from Apple’s own app gallery. To delete a workout from the app, you need to follow these particular steps:

1. Open your “Apple Health” application from your iPhone.
2. Scroll down to the bottom and tap on “Favourites”.
3. Select the option “Show All Health Data
4. After that, select “Workouts
5. Now you can scroll down to select “Show All Data
6. You need to find the workout that you wish to delete.
7. Swipe left touching the selected workout and then tap the delete button to delete.
8. And now like any other workout app, you should see two options saying “Delete Workout Only” and “Delete Workout and Data”.
9. Select any one of them according to your need.

And after that, the workout will then be deleted from the Health app.

How To Delete A Workout On Apple Watch: Video Guide


The smartwatch is a great tool and has a lot of potentials when properly used. Especially for regular workout sessions, the Apple watch’s workout features are really good.

To use this feature properly, managing these workouts is also important. You can use multiple apps and use for multiple purposes to get the most out of your watch. So managing these functionalities of the watch be mastered.

You know now how to delete a workout on Apple Watch. So I guess it will be easy for you to delete it from your Apple Watch.

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