Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Tips And Tricks

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is a smartwatch that is produced by Samsung Electronics. The software of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is WearOS.

But as a user of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, you must know Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Tips and Tricks that let you have maximum output from your watch. The importance of these tips and tricks is huge. Everyone can use this smartwatch easily after knowing these tips and tricks.

Let’s dig deep into this content for knowing tips and tricks about the Samsung galaxy watch 4.

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Tips And Tricks On Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

We have designed this article with several tips and tricks such as turning on display mode, rearranging apps, notification manager, songs and music tracks, location detection, quick setting, etc. The discussion of those tips and tricks is as follows:

Turn On Display Mode

The display mode of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 doesn’t remain always turn on. If you want to turn on this function, then you have to follow those steps –

1. Go to the quick setting option of your watch. Then, click the cog to open the settings.
2. Now tap on the ‘Enable’ button for turning display mode on.

Rearranging Apps

Want to see some prominent apps on your display or lock-screen display? Then some steps will help you for rearranging your apps such as-

1. Go to the app screen of your watch.
2. Find your prominent apps for moving and press ‘ turn on’ to select them.
3. After that, drag those apps for a new position as well as let them go on your display.

For uninstalling apps, you can do the same action.

Manage Notification

Whenever you get an email, message, or notification on your phone, the watch will vibrate.

Notification setting as follows:
1. Tap notification from the watch setting option.
2. Then, you can select the apps from which you want to get notifications.

Songs and music tracks

You can hear your favorite songs and tracks offline.

The setting steps of songs and music tracks-
1. Go to watch settings, then select manage content.
2. After that, you will find add tracks and add images options.

Location detection

It comes with automatic exercise detection such as running, swimming, etc.
To enable location detection –

1. Go to the setting option, then tap Samsung health on your watch
2. After that, choose ‘auto’ to detect workouts.
3. Lastly, turn on the ‘record location’ option.

Quick Setting

If you want to find some features in the main watch on the face screen, then, these tips are for you.

To manage the setting-
1. After removing an icon, you can replace a new icon there.
2. Swipe left the for getting the last screen, then tap the + option for adding a new shortcut setting.

Connection with TVs and Heart Rate monitor

You can transmit heart rate data to fitness apps with your Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. Hence, you can watch the rate on Samsung TVs without looking at the smartwatch.

The step of connection with TVs and heart rate monitor is given below:

1. Go to the health app from the setting option of your Samsung Watch.
2. Click connected services and select TV
3. Tap on the toggle button. And then it will be showing the heart rate and calorie burn on your TV.

Galaxy Watch 4 Tips Tricks & Hidden Features Video


The advantages of the Samsung galaxy watch 4 are numerous. Nowadays, It is a versatile smartwatch indeed.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Tips and Tricks will surely make your life easier. You can maintain your activities easily throughout this watch.

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