Top 10 Best Smartwatches: Review And Buying Guide 2022

Are you tired of so many types, shapes & tags of current smartwatches? Well, the market continues expanding to make it harder for everyone.

But no need to spend our time on every available model right away. You should look into high-quality watches at moderate price levels.

Yet, built-in tech also keeps reaching higher levels every month. So, you should mind the latest watches to enjoy the maximum on-wrist services.

And that’s where we brought the top 10 best smartwatches from the market. We reviewed each one with essential features and potential uses.

Better start scrolling to check the absolute best designs to consider.

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Apple Watch Series 7 Regular Smartwatch

Top Pick

top 10 best smartwatches

Everything you need to lead a smart life comes right here. In fact, the regular Series 7 presents all the great features. It’s the ultimate choice to ensure healthy living all the way.

The 45mm rectangular case primarily comes with a bright red band. That’s 20% extra screen space compared to Series 6. And the always-on retina display enables simple to use.

Its crack-resistant crystal front is also resistant to dust. Also, the watch remains waterproof up to 50m in steady water. GPS connectivity enables full tracking with precise navigation.

Built-in always-on altimeter enables fall detection for safety. Simple pairing with iPhone exterminates contact for calls/texts. You can even make payments using the Apple Pay app.

You can monitor your heart rate with ECG anytime. Also, it lets you measure the blood oxygen level through SpO2. It offers instant notifications on any irregular heartbeat.


  • Durable steel – alum combo.
  • Available cellular connectivity.
  • Pretty fast battery recharge.
  • Maximum workout efficiency.
  • International emergency call.


  • Weak armband magnet.
  • Complicated initial setup.

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Samsung Galaxy Active 2 Smartwatch

Runner Up

Samsung Galaxy Active 2 Smartwatch

Let some advancement put a better insight to achieve your fitness goal. The US version has sensors to track every move. Its comfortably sleek design even perfectly fits your activity.

The standard 40mm display also offers 42mm & 44mm on other designs. However, its Bluetooth and GPS come with unlocked LTE. And you’re free to navigate your every workout.

Its 1.15GHz dual chipset enables faster performance all along. Integrated 4GB internal memory lets you enjoy music at work. You can even personalize the look with changeable bands.

Manage your call, text, notification, payment & streaming from the wrist. Tizen OS 4.0 makes the operation simple & friendly. You can do more with the built-in Bixby assistance.

Nearly 40 hours of continuity come from one full recharge. The 247mAh battery incorporates good longevity. And you’re to use its multiple modes to extend or diminish the time.


  • Lightweight yet sturdy exterior.
  • Manual workout tracking system.
  • Built-in Bixby voice functionality.
  • Superfast response on the operation.
  • Preloaded workout for guidance.


  • Improper calorie measurement.
  • Questionable voice recognition.

Garmin Vivoactive 4 Smartwatch

Top Pick: 3

Garmin Vivoactive 4 Smartwatch

Time to tune in your daily activities with the all-in-one design. A hybrid watch is indeed a smart option for intelligent people. Vivoactive has a broad range of features to fulfill your demands.

Its 45mm display features stainless steel for high longevity. You can even look into its 40mm counterpart for a lower tag. Likewise, the black band is interchangeable with other colored bands.

Bluetooth pairing enables response to a text, call, email from your wrist. And the GPS keeps tracking your route for directions. Built-in Garmin Pay lets you enjoy a contactless digital payment.

Integrated IQ Store offers free access to apps, widgets, faces. The powerful chipset has no lapse or delay on command. A subscription gets you the favorite music from Amazon, Spotify & Deezer.

There are onscreen animated workouts to help with your fitness. It puts an eye on your health 24/7 with precise readings. And the battery keeps running for eight days on normal mode.


  • No-phone music listening.
  • Personal running coach.
  • All-day health monitoring.
  • 20+ preloaded GPS apps.
  • Built-in incident detection.


  • Slow GPS connectivity.
  • Inaccurate sleep tracker.

Fitbit Versa 2 Health & Fitness Smartwatch

Top Pick: 4

Fitbit Versa 2 Health & Fitness Smartwatch

Elevate your current fitness program with a next-level smartwatch. A complete design is ready to lead you to a better life. Versa 2 offers full health tracking against an appealing exterior.

Its 1.34” screen covers your necessary programs with good brightness. No dust or scratch can damage the glass easily. Of course, the always-on display comes without a slow response.

Also, you can change the alum band to meet your satisfaction. Built-in Bluetooth connectivity supports only iPhone 6 plus for usability. Get your calls, texts & notifications from the wrist.

While Alexa lets you control other smart devices and set alarms/reminders. Likewise, you’ll get 24/7 heart rate monitoring. It even evaluates your night sleep to reveal restfulness.

You can manage Spotify, Pandora & Deezer using the display. And the battery can last for six days on normal mode. However, you’ll have to recharge frequently for heavy applications.


  • Around-the-clock workability.
  • Reply to call/text on Android.
  • Proper insight on night sleep.
  • Friend and family connectivity.
  • Optional Fitbit premium apps.


  • Minimal app storage.
  • No payment system.

Fossil Gen 5 Carlyle Smartwatch

Top Pick: 5

Fossil Gen 5 Carlyle Smartwatch

Start discovering the extent of a top-quality smartwatch with Fossil. Its Gen 5 Carlyle is loaded with valuable features. And you’ll definitely find the outstanding outlook perfect for any outfit.

The 1.28” sized display features either a black alum or steel chain band. Brightness is sufficient to reveal the readings outdoors. But the chained design contains more color on its screen.

Bluetooth connectivity works with touch or mic for input. Also, the WearOS powered watch can support iPhone & Android. And steady water resistance helps with your regular activities.

Its always-on display integrates multiple customizing features. You can change colors, widgets, faces, and even the band. No need to miss the payments, news, games, or music control either.

Of course, you’ll have 24/7 heart monitoring with associated readings. Built-in GPS keeps tracking your actions with en-route navigation. And the battery is good enough to keep you going.


  • Faster recharging of the battery.
  • New wellness enhancement.
  • Syncing phone connectivity.
  • Instantly responsive chipset.
  • 360° spinning for easy use.


  • Unclear voice assistance.
  • Limited play store options.

Amazfit T-Rex Pro Smartwatch

Top Pick: 6

Amazfit T-Rex Pro Smartwatch

Allow a titanic combo of style, tech & support to cover your wrist. T-Rex Pro is ready to explore your instinct from the start. Its rough & ready military design stands the test of time/toughness.

The 1.3” always-on display redefines hybrid smartwatches with elegance. Its outer bezel with a metal-sprayed surface imparts a great texture. And the 10ATM resistance prevents watery intrusion.

It also has a high tolerance to heat, freeze, shock, humidity & even salt spray. Again, Bluetooth with GPS covers the connectivity. Don’t forget the standard heart and sleep monitoring functions.

Extra features let you know about the outdoor conditions. You’ll see the weather, sunrise, sunset, moon phase, barometer & elevation. It’s indeed the ultimate device for your wild exploration.

Nearly 100 built-in sports modes analyze the collected data. And its robust battery can run for 18 days on normal mode. Even intense or heavy uses should cover you for nine days with one recharge.


  • Extremely durable frame.
  • Highly accurate readings.
  • Superb navigation system.
  • Auto health assessment.
  • Friendly interface design.


  • No firmware updates.
  • Slightly weak pairing.

Motorola Moto 360 Sport Smartwatch

Top Pick: 7

Motorola Moto 360 Sport Smartwatch

Better meet a new wrist-on partner for your everyday fitness activities. The special watch has everything you need at once. And the elegant design is sure to catch your eyes at first glance.

Its 45mm case actually features a 1.37” or 35mm screen. And the AnyLight hybrid display contains some delightful colors. You can patch the watch with Android 4.3+ and iOS 9.0+ phones.

Its powerful 1.2GHz CPU ensures no lagging on any command. Also, you’ll have 512MB RAM with 4GB internal storage. And it integrates WI-FI connectivity alongside Bluetooth with GPS.

The watch has an altimeter, light sensor, accelerometer, gyroscope & vibration, or haptics engine. An optical monitor (PPG) is also available with a mechanism to track steps/calories for analysis.

Featured IP67 dust resistance also includes sufficient waterproofness. Built-in 300mAh battery supports you for an entire day. Again, you’re to use its button-free voice control with mics.


  • Gorilla Glass LCD screen.
  • Turn by turn GPS navigation.
  • Customizable watch faces.
  • Wireless battery recharging.
  • Standard silicone armband.


  • Mere 3’ waterproofness.
  • European charging outlet.

HUAWEI GT 2 2019 Smartwatch

Top Pick: 8

HUAWEI GT 2 2019 Smartwatch

The hybrid smartwatch is at its best with a special design. Of course, it comes with standard inner tasks to manage your life. The 2019 version can still amuse anyone looking for a decent choice.

Classic casing integrates a traditional polymer band for the exterior. Round 1.39” sized screen includes a good brightness level. Its crystal cover remains intact up to 5ATM under standstill water.

Likewise, Bluetooth pairing enables the watch for your phone. And built-in GPS ensures exact navigation for your outdoor activities. It also integrates sided buttons for manual or forced input.

Moto 360 is compatible with Android 4.4 as well as iOS 9.0 and higher OS. You can check calls, texts, app notifications & even emails. Its 2GB internal storage can store about 500 songs.

There’s cycle tracking with an all-day-long activity monitoring function. Obviously, you’ll have eyes on heart rate and SpO2. HUAWEI Health analyzes the recorded data to give fitness suggestions.


  • Satisfactory battery support.
  • Menstrual cycle information.
  • Large & bright touchscreen.
  • Heavy workout-tracking app.
  • Instant SpO2 measurement.


  • The response may get quirky.
  • Inaccurate step counter.

AGPTEK LW11 Unisex Smartwatch

Top Pick: 9

AGPTEK LW11 Unisex Smartwatch

It’s a simplistic watch to help you with regular training. In fact, AGPTEK designs a stylish model for fitness objectives. Still, you’ll have a good number of impressive features with its purchase.

Built-in 1.3” or 33mm screen comes with durable alum alloy. Its anti-scratch crystal top retains the fresh cover all along. Meantime, it imparts great elegance to suit your formal/fitness activities.

There are five specific dials to let you operate the watch easily. And you can find 30 additional dials within the integrated app. LW11 also features a superb IP68 waterproofness within steady water.

Multiple trackers record your daily activities relating to fitness. Of course, you’ll have notifications from calls, texts & emails. And Bluetooth usability remains pairable up to 8m – 10m proximity.

You can use the watch with Android 5.0 or iOS 9.0 smartphones. A powerful battery takes two full hours for a complete recharge. It can last 7 – 10 days comfortably against 30 days on normal mode.


  • Effortless music control.
  • Countdown & stopwatch.
  • Bright, full-touch display.
  • Screen awake on raising.
  • Remote picturing system.


  • Discoloring the armband.
  • Poor weather function.

Withings Steel HR Hybrid Smartwatch

Top Pick: 10

Withings Steel HR Hybrid Smartwatc

Let a fashionable hybrid watch cover your daily fitness/timing activities. Withings combined simplicity with elegance for the design. It’s sure to capture the attention of passionate males.

A 1.3” sized round display includes an 18mm matching armband. And you’ll have all the necessary data at your fingertip. Its Bluetooth connectivity keeps syncing with your phone all the time.

Standard 50m water resistance secures the watch for fitness work. Free Health Mate app tracks your heart rate and other readings. You’ll have the best wellness suggestions from there.

A full recharge can last nearly 25 days on intense use. And it can continue operating for an extra 20 days on normal mode. In fact, its power reserving mode only runs time & activity tracking.

Easily customize your every day phone calls, texts & app notifications. Don’t forget to use Alexa for voice assistance. And let the connected GPS explore 30+ built-in sports apps with potential.


  • Constant activity tracking.
  • Extended battery support.
  • Multi-sport tracking apps.
  • Lower BT energy syncing.
  • Automated sleep monitor.


  • Average screen size.
  • No repeatable alarm.


Some people are considerably new to the world of smartwatches. And upgraded designs can do more than manage your phone or fitness.

Of course, there are many popular watches with smart features. But we presented you with the top 10 best smartwatches for pleasant wearing. And the chosen ones should match your moderate budget with reasonable demands.

The above discussion should enlighten your mind with the overall smartwatch potential. You’re likely to face minimal difficulty in operating.

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