Why are Apple Watches so Expensive? Here is Why!

A new year with new hope has begun & you need to be in time to reach your goal. A good smartwatch can help you with that. And if you are considering an Apple watch, then we bet, you have a good choice. But you might be wondering why are Apple watches so expensive!

Well, there are several reasons for being Apple watch so expensive. Premium design, build quality, security, internal hardware, and software are mainly responsible for this high pricing. But in the end, is it price-worthy?

So let’s dive into the answer.

Why are Apple Watches so Expensive: The Reasons Behind

Apple is an American multinational tech giant which is renowned for its innovative product. As of February 2022, it’s the world’s most valuable company and one of the top five information technology companies.

It is a premium brand, we guess so. And here comes a question. Apple watches are expensive because of being a premium brand? Or is there something else you should know?
Well, we are going to try having this answer here.

Brand Value

Apple has never compromised its quality and it never made cheap products. From the revolutionary iPod to the touch-screen iPhone, apple has amazed the world multiple times. Their smartwatch is considered the ‘gold standard.

Customer Loyalty

With elegant design and build quality with a powerful and most securable OS, Apple has earned customer loyalty over time. Their customer will always buy their product regardless of the price. This is a good reason for the high pricing of apple watches.

But apple watches are worth it? Let’s check other specifications –

Design and Build Quality

Premium Design & build quality than ever – Apple has its design pattern. Though there hasn’t been a significant change in design, the coolest part is that we are not too bored with it. Instead, it has become more premium than ever with having lots of customization options.

The newly released Apple watch series 7 is identical to its predecessors. But it has thinner borders which means you will get more screen area, making it the largest and the most advanced display ever.

This most durable Apple watch is refined with softer, more rounded corners with a stronger, more crack-resistant front crystal. This re-engineered Apple watch has an IP6X certification that ensures dust resistance while maintaining the WR50 water resistance rating making it the most advanced watch.

Latest Hardware and Software

New Hardware & Software are offering better performance – A newly branded S7 chip is used in Apple watch series 7. It offers a 20% advantage in performance compared to the S5 chip found in apple watch SE and series 5. Including an electrical heart sensor, a blood Oxygen sensor, an ECG app, and many more apps like the activity app, apple wallet, a faster watchOS 8 gives a healthy and mindfulness company to its owner.

Apple claims this watch provides all-day 18-hour battery life on a single charge despite having a larger and brighter ‘always-on retina display’.

Own Eco-System

Apple eco-system gives you a better life experience – By owning several different Apple devices one can get the experience of the Apple eco-system. Such as owning an apple smartwatch along with iPhone, you can receive a call, and always get notified without reaching your phone.

Apple devices are always connected to give the best life experience. Apple has been able to develop an eco-system over customer digital life. This feature has become a dominant factor over this year as no other company couldn’t do it.

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Why are Apple Watches so Expensive? Here is Why!

Final Thought

Considering price & offerings, we can verdict that it is a good choice to have an apple watch. And surely you have the answer now to why are Apple watches so expensive.

Apple revealed their next-generation smartwatch named Apple Watch Series 7 on September 14, 2021. It is available on market and has gone on sale on 15 Oct 2021. It can cost you over a thousand bucks depending on your choice & customization but in the end, you will be amazed at its features.

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