How to Choose a Smartwatch?

Are you confused over the versatility of the current choose a Smartwatch? Well, the market is overwhelmed with types & models based on your budget.

Choosing your smartwatch is just as important as your smartphone. Only the right purchase provides sheer convenience sitting on your wrist.

And our following rundown can surely help you in making the right decision.

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Plain or Pricey

Low-priced smartwatches are almost fitness trackers with some extra features. But high-priced ones are considerably sophisticated to hold additional features.

Based on models, plain models are available within $100 up to $250. However, you’ll have to drop about $250 to $800 on a high-quality, featureful smartwatch.


Specific OS support requires you to buy only smartphone-compatible watches. Apple watches only support iOS, whereas Wear OS supports iOS or Android.

Installing a companion app may help you in using the preferable system. Almost all watches feature Bluetooth connectivity. You can look into Wi-Fi as well.

Battery Life

You must pay attention to the tagged battery life on purchase. However, the exact life is quite difficult to predict. The longevity highly depends on your extent of use.

A larger screen with digital functionality costs more energy than hybrid designs. Meantime, frequent recharging of the battery may reduce the lifespan significantly.

Water Resistance

Standard waterproofness should count 50m depth for regular applications. However, the real extent of water resistance goes higher with the price.

There’s obviously no 100% waterproof smartwatch in real life. Still, you can get an approximate idea from its water resistance rating.

Built-in Function

Your smartwatch must provide smartphone alerts and notification details, at least. But answering any incoming call actually depends on the OS system.

Most watches also support an integrated app store to let you install some apps. Availability of text replies isn’t abundantly present to many mid-class watches.

Comforting Size

Neither too large nor too skinny watches can look good on your wrist. You can keep the preferable display size within 1.2” up to 1.5” for most cases.

But design and style seem more important than the display size. Choose something elegant to suit your outfit. Whether it should be round or square – that’s entirely up to you.

Health Tracker

Almost all good-quality watches can measure your heart rate through photoplethysmography (PPG). It’s a great feature to let you know the variations in your heartbeat at an event.

Advanced ones can help you track down physical exercises. You can even enlist other activities for a routine. However, good features are present only in the pricey designs.

Additional Features

There are several extra features you should look into in an expensive smartwatch. Built-in GPS for tracking and NFC for tap payment provides excellent services.

4G connectivity and speaker/microphone also fall under the jurisdiction. Good storage with voice-activated assistance can give you a heavenly experience.

How to Choose a Smartwatch for Sports & Fitness Video Guide


That’s all for how to choose a smartwatch using the quintessential facts. A combination of all is impossible to find, even in the luxurious ones.
Therefore, you must prioritize the preferable features to narrow down the options.

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