How To Use Facer For Apple Watch Series

If you have an Apple Watch and want to enjoy a decent watch face, you should look for the Facer.

It’s an app of digital customization to the Apple Watch. A lot of people want to choose their watch faces according to their individual interests but don’t know how to use facer for apple watch series. Are you one of them?

Well, you don’t need to get worried as you can learn the simple procedures and some other facts about a facer in this article.

So, come on. Let’s dig more.

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How To Use Facer for Apple Watch Series: An Ultimate Guide

A facer app is designed for Apple Watches for making thousands of watch faces available so that your every day is like getting a new smartwatch.

Facers keep multiple options left to the users who really want to see their Apple Watch with a stylish look.

Now, let’s know the process of using facer in your Apple Watch Series. But first of all, let’s know what the facer app is.

What is a Facer?

Facer brings you the most gorgeous and dynamic designs offered by the designers. It allows you to use the outstanding watch face and background picture.

Facer has a wide range of collections of personalized Apple Watch faces. You can make a watch face of your own choice.

Facer is a must-have app for Apple Watch users. You can create personalized watch faces or photo backgrounds for your Apple Watch.

Process for using Facer

  • Install Facer app
  • Open facer app
  • Open Apple Watch app for Series edition
  • Select the Photos icon and go to the Synced album and choose Facer album.
  • Choose Facer album and select
  • Open Facer app backup and go onto the next step
  • A video will play and no need to do anything on iPhone.
  • Select photo album watch face on your apple watch series
  • Once you see the Facer logo, go to the next step and choose “Yes” on your iPhone.
  • Select a theme and accept the permission.
  • Syncing images for the first time will take a few minutes.
  • Until they sync, you will see the No photos image or Facer logo
  • Congratulation. You are ready to go.

Is Facer App free?

The Facer app is free to use and community-created watch faces are free to download. But there are also some premium categories that you have to purchase as quality matters.

Facer premium subscribers have to pay some money for premium watch faces.

The specialty of the Facer app

  • Facers is one of the most popular apps for creating watch faces.
  • Provides faces from some of the world’s most stylish and unusual independent designers.
  • Dynamic complications are based on a variety of data sources, including activity, watch sensors, time, and date.
  • Supports for color tinting for even greater user customization.

On Facer, how can I find a watch face?

There are a lot of faces in the Facer app. There are a few methods to sort through them.

The first step is to go to the Explore tab of the app, where you can see what’s popular and what’s new.

You may also use the search box or look for watch faces by category such as futuristic, elegant, or illustrated. You can also have your favorite faces as you search and enlarge them to see how they’ll look if you want to keep a list.

How to install Facer for Apple Watch Series

  • Connect your iPhone to an Apple Watch with Facer 5.0.3 or above.
  • On your iPhone, open Facer and pick Apple Watch from the smartwatch selection list.
  • Look through Facer for the watch face of your desires!
  • To add it to your Apple Watch faces, tap the blue Sync button.
  • Finally, your Facer app is ready to go.

What is the best way to view videos on an Apple Watch?

It must be a video file embedded in a text message for you to watch on your Apple Watch. It cannot be a link like Youtube URL and must be sent as a message.

From your iPhone, you may receive a message from someone else or send yourself a video in a text message. When you get the notice, tap the thumbnail of the video. The video should begin to play.

The top ten apple watch faces

  • Diamonds darling
  • What’s Really Inside
  • Apple 10
  • Elegant Datejust
  • Enter the Matrix 4K
  • Info in the round
  • Rose Gold Glitter Drops
  • Lacoste v2
  • Classic
  • Apple Art Collage

Drawbacks Of Facer app

  • The QR code may appear on your watch regularly for no apparent reason and the face may change without warning.
  • It reduces the battery’s life. You may have to leave the battery saver on all the time.


Well, you can’t deny that the Facer app is one of the coolest apps for your Apple watch for customizing watch faces. However, this amazing app has introduced the “next generation” of Apple Watch faces.

It’s sure that you won’t be able to get the most out of an Apple Watch until you know how to use facer for Apple Watch Series.

So don’t think twice about installing Facer app for your apple watch.

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